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Volunteering With The Forest Way

We are happy to welcome volunteers to join us in our work. For those who come, this can be a deeply rewarding time. There is a satisfaction in participating in the work, and for many their time here opens up different ways of looking at things, and exposes them to new ways of living. Friendships form, connections are made, to each other and to the place. For most volunteers the main work is often in the vegetable garden or other outdoor activities such as tree planting, but given the wide variety of work that we are involved in, those with specialist skills are often able to put them to good use.

Each volunteer, in their own way, requires an investment of time and energy on our part. We ask that people come for a minimum of 3 weeks (and longer is better), to allow time to get into a rhythm with the work and to develop a meaningful connection to the place. It should be a joyful and rewarding time, but it is not a holiday. People need to be ready for work and to participate in the spirit of the place.

If you are interested to spend time volunteering, please write to us well in advance, and let us know what your interests and skills are. We have shared accommodation for up to 8 people at a time, in simple thatched mud huts, and we provide two meals a day. We suggest people rent a bicycle to get to and from town for shopping and getting to know the place.