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Children's Park

The Arunagiri Children's Park covers around 3 acres of land adjacent to the Forest Park and nursery. When work began in early 2004, the area was being used as a garbage dump. One palmyra palm and a solitary neem tree broke a scene of bare earth and plastic waste. There was also a filled in temple tank, whose upper walls were still showing, but which received no inflow of water as the channels were long blocked.

Before After

As plants started to grow and the first peices of equipment got installed, children from the neighborhood started wandering into the site, testing out the equipment, offering suggestions for what else should be made. All of the play equipment was made locally, much of it using recycled materials. Johnny returned from a ship breaking yard with cargo nets, life buoys and giant ropes, perfect play gear. We made slides from ferrocement, swings from tractor tyres, and mini-mountains from the mud that came out of the tank.Slide Finally in 2005 all was ready and the park was opened with great fanfare. At that point no-one was sure how the town would take to this new space, but any doubts were instantly dispelled as the park became an instant hit. On Sundays balloon sellers, juice stalls, ice cream vendors and watermellon carts set up shop at the gates outside the park, and each and every week feels like a carnival. The popularity of the place means that the equipment takes a heavy load, and requires regular maintenance, but it's a price well worth paying. Not only is it a joy to provide this unique place for local families to spend happy times together, but the creation of the park has created a huge store of goodwill and support for the serious ecological work that takes place just next to it.

From our inception, The Forest Way has taken full responsibility for maintaining the park, it's gardens, the play equipment and the infrastructure, as well as further additions. Entry to the park remains free to all.