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Environmental Outreach

Throughout the year we invite local schools to visit the forest park and participate in the environmental programmes which we run there. We believe that while mental understanding of nature is important, deep love and care for the natural world is critical to all our futures. This active love and care come not from books or television, but from personal time spent in connection with non-human life.

So the core intention of these visits is to allow children to simply connect with nature. This may be through a walk watching birds and butterflies, it could be planting a tree. It may be following the stream to the waterfall during the rains and taking a bath, or clambering up the rocks in the hot sun to look out across the plains. On the way we look for signs of animals. If it's a school that comes often, we observe how the plants change with the seasons.

Back at the park there will be juice and a nutritious snack. There will also be a facilitated session looking at some aspect of nature in greater detail. The nature of these discussions will depend on the age group, and the subject matter may range from details in the lives of local plants and animals, to universal ecological principals and issues. The children may also have time to look at the paintings of the region's wildlife, or to study the information boards.

SlidePreceding or following the discussion, there will be some time to help with our work, maybe mixing soil in the nursery, maybe mulching young trees. To round the day off, there's always time to play in the children's park before they go.

For those schools that do not have their own transport, we send our van to pick children up. For schools from farther a field we also conduct over night camps.